Are you trying to do everything yourself? Or did you hire someone? Is someone in your staff helping out every now on then with communication? We know it can get tricky to manage it all.

Let us help you!

Meet one to one with a senior consultant for an hour every month to check on:

  • your goals – we’ll help you stay focused and establish priorities for the short and long term
  • your results – we’ll help you decipher those digital analytics and we’ll make sure you’re getting what you need out of your online marketing.
  • your process – we’ll help you make it more efficient, organize training for you and/or your staff

“If you can’t afford a full-time senior Communication Executive, I can be your Coach. I field and find answers to any questions you might have; and, I will be there for you, whatever happens.”

  • One-to-one meetings with a senior consultant
  • Covers all the topics you need
  • We recommend we meet monthly. Need more help? Are you stuck? Call us for an additional session.
  • Monthly subscription $60, quarterly subscription  $160 (billed monthly or quarterly)

Meet Eleonore!