Have you been doing magazine ads or billboards for years? Are you thinking digital might be a new growth opportunity for your brand?

Chance are, you’re doing whatever businesses in your industry have been doing – or what your competition has been doing. And chances are, digital media has new opportunities for you.

“I’ve worked for a media agency and I know from experience every media mix is different

– or at least it should be! And it should change too. We all need to be more nimble in this digital era.”

Whatever market you’re in, you need to align your targeting, your messaging and your media. If you need to recruit new customers among the 45-65 year old, starting a YouTube channel is not your best options. But how-to videos about cooking, birding, or traveling could be right on spot. You just need to know where to broadcast them to catch your target’s attention and drive traffic to your website or store.

Everybody needs to transition to more digital but there are unlimited ways to step up your game. A full-on website development wiht SEO, SEM, and ecommerce might not be what you need right now. Maybe an influencer strategy will give you more traction. Maybe Facebook is where you can reach your audience but you need to refine your content and define a process to make its production efficient.

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