Today we’re celebrating! It has been 6 months since we established Empathy Communication in Southern Alabama and started our Facebook Business Page. And we have 100 Fans!

Wait, 100 is not a lot. No it’s not! We’re managing Facebook Pages for clients with 10 000, 20 000, 30 000 Fans all over the world. But for a small B to B business like us, it’s a lot. If we were selling cheap consumer goods we’d need a lot more Fans than that to have a chance to drive enough sales and break even, let alone generate profits. But we’re not in this business. We’re in a high-value one-to-one service market. And we’re delighted with our FanBase!

Dear 100, not only are you our Facebook Fans. You’re our clients, our supporters, our students, our ambassadors and cheerleaders assembled. We learn from you everyday and we try and help you grow your talents as well. Our goal is to see this community grow and prosper.

Thank you to our Fans and Followers! Also, why you should privilege quality over quantity

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