Who doesn’t love a good party? Well, not the people of Coastal Alabama, it seems! As we roll into Mardi Gras season we wanted to share some tips about celebrations.


Celebrations are a good moment to connect and bond with your customers and potential customers – it is something you share, a common ground to build your relationship upon.

  1. Care about what they care.Your marketing target has passions and hobbies you should investigate to learn what they celebrate. Ex: is your target into football, golf or surf? Keep in mind there can be many celenrations: holiday seasons, Easter and Halloween but also sports events such as the Superbowl, movies/books/album releases, product launch  – down to personal celebrations like birthdays or weddings. Small celebrations can be great! Ex: research your Facebook fans interests or what hashtags your Twitter or Instagram followers use
  2. Be a part of the party! An easy way to make the most of celebrations is to use the right keywords or hashtags in your posts on your website/blog and social media channels so people who have an interest in the celebration find your content. Ex: yes, there is a #MardiGras hashtag and it even has an emoticon… But you can refine that search into local hashtags, crew or bands participating in the celebration.
  3. Make sure you make the most of your event. Hosting an event is great but what return do you want to make on that investment: networking? Building up your image? Increasing awareness among a specific population? Ex: use your holiday party to demonstrate your product/service or test a new idea and make sure to get emails to follow up. Get exposure before, during and after the celebration. Ex: are you doing any teasing before? And live sharing on social media? What about after the event
  4. Trigger impulse purchases. Everyone tends to indulge a bit more during celebrations – for example, spend a bit more. So make sure you have special offers for that extra discretionary income! Make it easy to indulge – a few clicks is too much for many. Ex: showcase a selection of products/services related to getting ready for or recovering from the event, with friendly prices.
  5. Be smart in your targeting – think about who is being celebrated, and the people who care about them. Ex: what would someone get for their grand children as a special treat for this celebration?
  6. Keep it fun! Create a game, competition, drawing, or social coupon. It’s also a good moment to create some catchy visuals – we’re all about branding consistency but you can go crazy for a special occasion. Ex: create an Instagram competition during the season – followers will think about you and you will get exposure afterward as you celebrate the winner.


What are you doing to promote your business around Mardi Gras?

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Make the most of celebrations in your communication
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